El ropaje de la gloria


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The garment of glory, the story that gives this group its name, reveals an unknown episode in Argentine history: Manuel Belgrano’s love affair with María de los Dolores Helguero. From her was born her daughter Manuela Mónica Belgrano, whom he recognized in his will. This unfortunate love marks the end of his life, a time of suffering, humiliation and oblivion. Through a meticulous work with words, Adolfo Colombres manages to give life to one of the key characters in the feat of our Independence, who is often reduced to a school and statuary image. This sensitive recovery of his personality calls into question the conventions and flattery about honor and patriotism, on which he casts a severe look, showing the contradictions and miseries that what we call glory harbors, as well as the vanity of his clothing.

The eight stories in this book unfold throughout one hundred and eighty years of Tucuman history, from Belgrano’s deed and the sad end of his life, to the abandonment of the trains, which occurred in more recent times, and childhood experiences. of the author, related to the last traces of this memory, just when two centuries have passed since the death of the hero. 

El ropaje de la gloria is an admirable book, to which readers will return again and again for its narrative power, its careful and suggestive prose and, above all, for its original and successful approach.  

The Garment of Glory – In… by Ediciones CICCUS

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