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The psychological opening generated by the game enables people to exercise their freedom and unleashes an important vital force in them. The author explores the subject from various aspects, including free and regulated play, play and the traditions of popular wisdom, play groups for adults, the specific functions of play and its importance in child therapy.

Work very useful for families, teachers, therapists, social workers, specialists in various areas of psychology and education, and other professionals who consider the added value of the game in their daily work.

  “As a teacher, colleague and friend, I admire how Hilda made the game the reason for her professional journey, highlighting the value of the game in the creative development of people”.
Perla Jaritonsky Specialist with international experience in body language 

 «Introducing Hilda Cañeque’s concepts on play and creativity invite a Copernican change in the way of conceiving this knowledge.»
Andy Goldstein
Renowned photographer and founder of the School of Creative Photography

 «Hilda Cañeque has accompanied the journey of transformation in the lives of many people, placing creativity at the conceptual and experiential center of the game.»
María Héguiz
Founder of the School of Social Narrators Readers: Argentina Narrada (OSC)

«Without a doubt, this is a fundamental reference book for cultural entertainers and teachers at all levels of the educational system, committed to a healthy and vital future for our children and young people.»
Pablo Medina
President of the Association The Cloud: Childhood and Culture

Game and Life – Hilda Cañeque by Ediciones CICCUS on Scribd

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