Perspectiva de géneros


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This book is a corollary of the collective theoretical-methodological dialogues of those who make up the research group: Politics and Gender. A socio-anthropological study to (re)construct the investigative practice in and from social intervention; based in the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Buenos Aires. Likewise, it is the result of a reflective exercise of the processes that we develop as researchers in and from the intervention/research from a gender perspective.

The colloquium between the different parts that this book proposes, has the intention of deepening the common ties between the different investigations that make up this work team; as well as, to make certain homogenizing notions of understanding “gender” more complex from different public policies that give particular specificities. In this sense, an attempt is made to give voice to the various subjects in their links with the programs, projects and/or lines of action of the different local actors that result in tensions, resistance and reconciliations in Argentina today. We set out to visualize the decisions that tend to address problems and/or emergencies of real people and social actors at specific moments and spaces in and from policies linked to three specific research axes: the field of health,

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