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The intention of the present work is to explore and relate, in some of the most representative works of the Argentine philosopher Günter Rodolfo Kusch, the concepts that condense the indigenous and popular knowledge about the human existent, its geocultural determination and the experience of the divine in the forces of the world, as signs of a characteristic ontological and theological wisdom that is currently presented as highly relevant from an ethical-political perspective that resists the processes of globalization.
In the perspective of the author addressed, the subject, as a geocultural community, does not live detached from its territorial determinations, and the presence of the absolute is experienced in the daily growth of plants and animals, in the threat of hail or sickness, and in the joy of harvest, ritual and home, with which the divine is property of the very land that is inhabited, of the world that is built. Thus, understanding the relationship between projecting-being human and the receptive experience of the evolution of natural forces becomes central to begin to understand American philosophy as a founding and at the same time provisional bet in the game of opposites that configure, in reciprocity, the totality of what is given.

The plan then consists in taking as a point of departure (and arrival) the very existential constitution of the geocultural community as a being-being in the midst of the determinations that imply both the instances of being and of being in their different conceptual nuances, such as those of transcendence, expressed in the Quechua concept of Huiñay, and immanence, in the exploration of the concept-symbol of Pacha. Thus, a mandalic and helical structure is configured that, starting from a vital and conceptual center, explores horizontality, the occurrence here of life in its game of complementary-opposites, to then pay attention to the vertical poles of the numinous as transcendent. -immanent. In this way, we believe

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