Tania, una historia peronista


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Tania, a Peronist story covers the history of the 20th century, from the arrival of immigrants who made our country great with their militant children, many of whom literally gave their lives through action committed to the Peronist cause, to the recovery of democracy with the government of Alfonsín.

History and fiction run like two arms of the same river through the course of this novel. The first martyr of Peronism, Darwin Passaponti, José Alonso, John William Cooke, Alicia Eguren, Augusto Vandor, Máximo Mena, Ortega Peña, Agustín Tosco, among others, and crucial events in the history of the last century, such as the mobilization of October 17, 1945, the Day of Loyalty, the Cordobazo, the Cuba of Che and Fidel, the betrayal of Frondizi…

The plot of this excellent novel will captivate you from the beginning, as it is wisely woven around a secret «kept under seven keys» by its protagonist and is nourished by romantic scenes and familiar dialogues that will surely lead many of you to remember part of their childhood, adolescence and youth. 

Reading the works of Gabriel Russo always represents an invitation to become infected with the pride of being a Peronist and to transmit to future generations the heritage of a movement that knew how to bring happiness to the people.

From the foreword by Gladys Manzato

Tania, A Peronist Story by Ediciones CICCUS on Scribd

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